About us

HotelBookingsDirect.com short Hobodi.com is an independent international hotel booking directory, where guests book directly on the hotel's own website without the hotel paying any commission for receiving the booking.

Our site provides unbeatable benefits for guests and hotels. When booking directly, hotels cut out the middleman (OTA = online travel agent) and save between 12% and 35% on commission payments for each booking. Through these savings hotels are able and willing to offer better prices, better rooms, free upgrades, incredible saving packages, free breakfasts and more to direct bookers. Hotels are saving thousands of dollars over the year without sharing their guest data.

Guest advantages

✔ No Middleman
✔ Better Prices
✔ Better rooms
✔ Best Price Guarantee on Hotel's Own Website
✔ Reservation directly with the hotel, means true and up-to-date hotel information.
✔ Safer booking, means payment- and personal information are only given to the hotel, not to a third party company.

Hotel advantages

✔ No Commission Payments
✔ Saving Money
✔ No Sharing of Guest Information

Please feel free to RECOMMEND A HOTEL to be listed on Hobodi.com and you can receive US$20 when the hotel joins.