About us

HotelBookingsDirect.com is an independent international hotel booking site, where guests book directly with the hotel. Luxury hotels, middle class hotels, budget hotels, bed and breakfasts, etc.

HotelBookingsDirect.com short Hobodi.com is not favoring any hotel chain or independents.

Our site provides unbeatable benefits for guests and hotels. When booking directly, hotels cut out the middleman / online travel agent and save on commission payments between 12% to 35%. Through these savings hotels are able to offer better prices, better rooms, free upgrades, incredible saving packages, free breakfasts and more to direct bookers. Saving thousands of dollars over the year and building guest loyalty.

Guest advantages

   ✔ No middleman. Better prices and better rooms.

   ✔ Reservation directly with the hotel. True and up-to-date hotel information.

   ✔ Safer booking. Payment and personal information are only given to the hotel and not to a company in between as well.

Please feel free to RECOMMEND A HOTEL you would like to see on our website, providing best rates when booking directly and you might receive US$10.